by Creatures Of Habit

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Produced by Ace Ha
raps by Id Obelus and Richard Cook

for all the suckaZZZ



(Id Obelus)
throw your fingers in the air
if you just don't care

throw your eyes to the sky
if you don't know why

now put your guns in your pockets
and make sure the safety's on or you might shoot off your cock kids

it's the talkative, most provocative,
oh so akward with his hip hop operative

the gosh dern mosh pit on wheels real deal
toss you in the soup for talkin' stupid 'bout your wheels

feel me now or hear me later or the other way around
silly clowns are clearly haters, you're my brothers with the frowns

i'm sound checkin' at gas pumps and trash dumps
i reckon that that's dumb to that some...

of the population that feels threatened by
the shit they can't understand cuz they're medicated

they need their Ambien to go beddy bye
i need a heavy dose of hip hop to tolerate this #Swagriculture

(Id Obelus)
just throw your cash in the air
cuz we just don't care

'bout the shit that you got
cuz it don't mean squat

now put your music in our ears
"BLA.BLA.BLA" exactly!

no one's tryin' to hear that crap that your rapping

it sucks ass like sufferin' suckatash
i would rather huff a fuckload of mustard gas

and suck so many toes i fuckin' gag
than suffer through a listening session of your hashtag
[fill in the blanks]

it's all shit
no matter what lame ass name you call it

it's all bitten and been written by ten frickin' billion mc's
so chill with your silly steez

you're not pioneering nothing you're a lying queer and puffin' on the same blunt that every other rapper hit

i'm not tryin' to steer this bucket but, i'm high in here so fuck it, i'mma drive it 'til i kick rocks and have to quit this #Swagriculture

(Richard Cook)
throw ya verse in the trash
cuz your rhyme is ass

and throw your demo in the garbage
cuz ya not an artist

you's a sucka stuck-between hard places and rocks
the problem is...you think ya Scarface and ya not

Tony Montana didn't scan-tha time - line at twitter
you bit-off more than you can chew, now ya tryin-to-spit-tha

ex-cess out.....................
...........i can't believe the sounds your neck-let's-out

it's like i never thought rap would adapt to the future
and to do it all you'd need is to buy a computer

....hashtag ..these nuts...make 'em popular
update ya FACE, book a show....follow-tha

leaders..guiding light up in this bitch
you need to tighten-up-ya -shit
and when you're writing don't forget
the facts-you-search-for

you keep on typin-all-that-shit
don't contribute to this #Swagriculture


released August 22, 2011
produced by Ace Ha
Rapped by Id Obelus and Richard Cook



all rights reserved


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